cloud is an alter very close to ciel. he tends to only front at night when we are alone because he can find it hard to handle people and surroundings that don't match up with the things he's familiar with. unlike roxas who knows about different worlds and is fine with being in this one, cloud sometimes has a hard time understanding the current situation. he's the only one who has never met zeraphiel because doesn't know about him and wouldn't really be able to comprehend him. he loves final fantasy 7 and spends all his time reminiscing; he's usually still in the same mindset he was in advent children era, except in certain cases when he's more like young cloud from crisis core, who is very similar to ciel. cc era cloud is happier, more stable, and more accepting of unfamiliarity. all of this kind of makes it sound like it's terrible to be cloud but it really isn't! i think cloud is still waiting for his opportunity for a fresh start, but it's very difficult to attempt that here when there are others in the house thinking he's an entirely different person. i believe in the future there'll be a chance for me to redefine myself, but until then, "cloud is cloud." he loves reading and writing fanfiction and texts in a way that sounds monotone. he's very private and doesn't like to let people know that he exists. he wears mostly black but likes masculine jewelry.

likes: long, mellow youtube videos (like that guy who makes kitchen knives out crazy stuff), journaling, writing embarrassing wish fulfillment fanfics, reading embarrassing wish fulfillment fanfics, swords, transit (driving, etc), daydreaming